Big props to Shawn Adler at MTV for going to the source and discrediting every single rumor about Batman 3, many of which were started or popularized by MTV. It’s nice to see someone over there fighting the good fight.

Adler spoke to David Goyer and asked him point blank about the sequel to The Dark Knight and all of the casting and plot rumors. Goyer put it succinctly:

“It’s all B.S.,” he said. “ALL of it.”

Thank you. It’s tough being one of the few voices on the web trying to tell people the truth, and now I have Goyer on my side. There are no villains. There is no script. Christopher Nolan hasn’t signed on. There’s been nothing at all. Goyer says that he and Nolan haven’t even talked about it, let alone gotten to work on Batman 3.

I wish this would mark the end of it all until something real takes place, but I’m sure that we’ll see another round of rumors start in the British tabs or the poorly written, fact-free blogosphere, and we’ll be right back at ‘I heard Hillary Duff is playing Batgirl!’