I think I’m starting to come around to¬†Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The new trailer is the most melodramatic we’ve seen superheroes get, and that’s kind of cool. DC has always treated their characters as gods, and if Zack Snyder can deliver what amounts to a superhero opera without the singing, that could be fun in a way we haven’t experienced yet.

One of the things from the new trailer that caught my eye was Batman in a desert getup fighting off soldiers who seem to be loyal to Superman. Snyder’s frequent photographer, Clay Enos, posted this closeup of what I’m calling Desert Storm Batman until WB tells me otherwise (click to enlarge):

batman desert bvs

I like the action figure approach this movie is taking with the Caped Crusader. Christopher Nolan’s aesthetic (and honestly, his entire trilogy) have really soured for me as time has gone on, and I dig that we’re going to see Batman don a number of different suits throughout the film. It’s a total toy move, but after the trying-too-hard-to-be-grounded take that Nolan did, I’m ready to see Bats return as much as possible to his more ridiculous conventions. I know there still has to be an aura of grimdark surrounding him (we’ll never get another Adam West or even Joel Schumacher type wide-release feature¬†ever), but seeing that Snyder can play within those boundaries and still inject some minor goofiness gives me hope.

Thanks to Chewer Sprinky for the heads-up on this!

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