pacific rim 2

I know a lot of people have beef with Pacific Rim. I am not one of those people. The ultimate realization of every Japanese monsters vs. robots show ever continues to win the child in me over. I’m also someone who believes that Gullermo del Toro hasn’t made an outright bad movie (the director’s cut of Mimic saves my stance). So I have nothing but happiness to exude when I hear that Pacific Rim 2 is beginning production this November.

Speaking with Yahoo! Movies, del Toro says that they have all the new Kaijus and Jaegers designed and are planning the final battle right now. I think the entire Hong Kong fight from the first movie is the greatest “playing with action figures” set-piece in film history, and if del Toro and crew find a way to top that, I might actually start de-aging from glee.

Considering that we live in a world where Transformers: Age of Extinction made over a billion dollars worldwide, I support anything that actually rekindles my love of giant robots (which Michael Bay has done everything in his power to kill). Hearing that Pacific Rim 2 is getting underway is keeping that love alive.

And really, we should support all of del Toro’s movies because that means we get more del Toro movies. *cough*Crimson Peak comes out October 16*cough*.

Supply us with some good Jaeger and Kaiju names in the comments and on the forums.

Thanks to Chewer Daniel Day (…Lewis?) for the heads up on this!

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