I’m pretty jealous of anyone who is in Sitges right now; the Sitges Festival is one of Earth’s pre-eminent genre fests, and I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about it. And sometimes you don’t only get buzz on next year’s genre films, sometimes you get news. Arrow is in Sitges right now, and he’s picked up word that a director has been chosen for 28 Months Later, the second sequel to 28 Days Later, which would – judging by the ending of 28 Weeks Later - take the running rage zombie infection global. Or at least Continental.

The director in question is Paul Andrew Williams, the guy behind an Andy Serkis-starring horror flick called The Cottage. I haven’t seen that one but have heard good things, especially about the gore. I also heard that it’s a comedy; humor is something that has been sorely missing from this series so far.

You’ll remember that I was no fan of 28 Weeks Later. I felt that it betrayed the intelligence and character-based greatness of the original, a film that was a crossover movie and not just one for the gorehounds. The sequel felt like a shitty horror film and was filled with implausibility and dumbness; the scope of a second sequel indicates to me that we’re in for more of the same, but at least this time I’ll be ready for it.