Even Warner Bros was a little surprised that Get Smart was as big a hit as it was, so maybe that’s why it’s taken this long for them to nail down Steve Carell for a sequel. This comes along with (but separate from) a three year first-look deal that the actor has signed with Warner Bros.

So far the only news on Get Smart II (Stay Smart? Get Smarter?) is that Carell is back, but I imagine that The Rock has been making phone calls to the producers since the moment his Daily Variety got delivered this morning*.

Meanwhile, Carell’s three year deal may see the actor simply producing movies, not acting in them. “I have some ideas for films, but I’ve gotten to know so many people
who are funny, talented and fertile with ideas that I’m confident this
very strong base of friendships will lead to projects.”
Carell said, before getting fucked over by both friends and the studio. Talk to him again in three years. “Finding things to do as an actor is the first order of business, I
suppose, but I’m not limited to things in my wheelhouse… I’m also looking for films I can produce that aren’t right for me as
an actor.”

The other day I went to my wheelhouse and found a transvestite. I’m terrified of what this means.

*‘Come on, I’m playing the fucking Tooth Fairy in a movie. I need this!’