The Evil Dead is an important movie for me. After reading about how Sam Raimi and his cohorts made the movie, it made me want to be a filmmaker. I can’t say that I’ve completely followed through with that dream (though my single IMDb credit does feature me as a zombie who gets shotgunned in the head), but The Evil Dead still holds a very special place in my heart.

I was reticent to post the few pictures of Ash vs. Evil Dead that were released recently because I didn’t want to admit my lackluster response to them. Now that we have a full blown trailer, I can express my true feelings: HELL YEAH.

This trailer starts off a little weak, but when that shotgun sprung out of the floor and Ash splatterpunked that Deadite’s headspace, I was sold. And it only gets better from there. Copious amounts of blood, a self-deprecating tone (the “Ash is old!” jokes might wear thin though), and that chintastic charm make me a guaranteed viewer when this lands on Halloween (perfect).

I don’t need Ash vs. Evil Dead to be good, just riotous fun. As far as that criteria is concerned, things are looking good so far.

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