blade wesley snipes

I immensely dig the first two Blade films. They are littered with faults, but what they nail is a great balance between sincerity and silliness. The fault of the third one lies both in its full-blown doofusness and the intensified importance of David Goyer, who pulled double duty as screenwriter and director.

Now that Wesley Snipes is out of  prison and making movies again, the question of Blade 4 is getting lobbed at him left and right. According to Snipes, he’s had at least one meeting with Marvel about the possibility of bringing back everyone’s favorite Daywalker.

Now, I won’t hold my breath on this ever happening, but I won’t write it out of the realm of possibility. Marvel is beginning to enter the stranger and less familiar corners of their universe (their experiment to see if this would work, Guardians of the Galaxy, was a resounding success), and Blade is a great character to use in order to highlight the more supernatural realm of the Marvel universe. Like Hugh Jackman with Wolverine, Snipes is vastly recognized as the definitive version of the character, so having someone else step into Blade’s trenchcoat probably won’t be happening until Snipes is done with the character.

There’s always the chance that Blade might not make it into feature form ever again, but would instead be a part of Marvel’s Netflix series. Whether that would be as a supporting character in someone else’s show (the current Marvel lineup of Netflix shows doesn’t seem particularly suited to this idea due to their more grounded sensibilities) or headlining his own series is something worth prognosticating about. But hey, remember when they gave Blade his own TV series last time?

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