It’s only the briefest of glimpses, but I don’t care. Seeing Mulder and Scully in that office (guns and flashlights drawn!) made me squeal like a doofus.

It also looks like Fox (the company, not “Spooky”) is doing some smart marketing by playing every episode of The X-Files all the way up until the premiere of the new season. Too bad I’ve got the DVD set and am already midway through season four (“Memento Mori” to be exact, which is a big Scully episode), but this is a great chance for people to get hyped, especially since Netflix still hasn’t updated their episodes (some episodes are lacking hard-coded subtitles and intro text). However, Hulu Plus does have the show in HD if you can’t wait day-to-day to get your fix.

It’s really hard not to get jazzed about this. If they manage to give the show a proper sendoff this time around, the pitfalls will have been worth it.

Thanks to my CHUD bud Travis Newton for the heads-up on this!

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