It’s just like he was still here with us. Over the weekend, AICN’s Mr. Beaks caught up with Joseph Kosinski, the director of Disney’s upcoming TR2N. Their conversation was short, but yielded a few nuggets of info. The most notable one was that the Comic Con footage was shot in stereoscopic 3D and that will be the case for the full feature, as well. Game grids and light cycles in 3D? I can get into that…in fact I can get really into it. I still fail to get anything like chills when thinking about most films that are currently underway in 3D, but TR2N in 3D dovetails nicely with what I hoped for from the original film two and a half decades ago.

Kosinski also said the film would be a ‘twenty-four month process’, and that it could be ready for late 2010. I don’t expect that we’ll actually get a firm release date out of Disney until the film is well underway, but that’s a good sign. He also confirmed that Tron‘s Steven Lisberger is a consultant on the film and that Watchmen costume designer Michael Wilkinson begins work this week on the production’s wardrobe.