There are two kinds of people of whom you should be wary: Italians and people who thought Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was a better movie than any of the three previous Indiana Jones installments, or better than King Solomon’s Mines or better than National Treasure. To be fair, an Italian will rob and possibly kill you, while the other type will just befuddle you.

But there are people who did like the film, and the film did make a tremendous amount of money in a summer where it seemed like people really wanted to go to the theaters, so there’s talk of a fifth film in the franchise. And according to Harrison Ford, the frequently soused-appearing star of the series, Lucas has some ideas brewing. “It’s crazy but great,” he told the LA Times. “George is in think mode right now.”

There’s such a disconnect here between Lucas and his unhappy audience. Part of it is obviously the fact that people are so willing to spend their money on Lucas films that they know will be junk, which emboldens the man. But there has to be something more to it all. Something that keeps Lucas not only making such terrible movies but also keeps him (or his proxies) constantly talking about them:

George Lucas is an emotional vampire who feeds off of our collective outrage.

It’s the only thing that makes sense. He’s like the emotional version of that salt vampire in the original Star Trek show. Hidden beneath that goiter is something even more unspeakable. And to make sure he gets all the outrage he can chow down on, he needs to keep speaking to the press, to keep getting his bad ideas reported and disseminated to an audience of angry nerds ready to give him his life-sustaining outrage.

Don’t do it anymore. The only way to defeat Lucas at this stage is to deny him his nutrients. Simply quit getting outraged at his lack of care or respect for his own creations. Just stop giving a shit. Pretty soon he’ll be financing a shot for shot remake of The Day the Clown Cried featuring all-CGI Ewoks standing in for the Jewish kids just to get a decent meal.