Just the presence of Ally McBeal alum Gil Bellows in a movie causes my eyebrow to raise in skepticism*. Mix him in with the following names and you at the very least get my curiosity:

Brandon Routh
Samuel L Jackson
Michael Sheen
Martin Donovan
Carrie-Ann Moss

It’s a weird mix of the overexposed** and the where-are-they-now, and they’re all working together on a movie called Unthinkable which posits the unthinkable idea that Michael Sheen, the man who had a mini-career playing Tony Blair, is a Muslim terrorist with the key to the location of three nuclear weapons. Here’s the trade description of it all:

Routh and Bellows play members of an FBI anti-terrorism team run by Agent Brody (Moss). With the help of a black-ops agent (Jackson), they’re assigned by an FBI director (Donovan) to interrogate an American Muslim man (Sheen) claiming to have nuclear bombs planted in three U.S. cities.

I bet we spend most of the movie thinking he’s lying only for it to turn out to be true. And that Samuel L Jackson fucking yells at Michael Sheen a whole lot. Hopefully for being in the Underworld films.

*this despite the fact that IMDB shows him in about 40 movies this year, none of which I had previously been aware.

** sorry, I’m counting Sheen as overexposed. Maybe not to the general public, but to nerds like me.