(insert the verbal equivalent of punching the air with your fists)

Man, Creed looks great. Serving as both a sequel and a reboot, the new entry in the Rocky franchise is taking a page from Rocky Balboa by tapping into the spirit of the original film. Now we get to see Apollo Creed’s son, Adonis (perfect), undergo the same journey the Italian Stallion took almost forty years ago. Considering his past, the legacy that weighs over his head, and the eventual mentor he’ll be training under, I’m certain we’re in for a lot more than just a rehash of the 1977 winner for Best Picture.

I think the Rocky films constitute one of the best film franchises we have out there, and from what I’ve seen in this trailer, Creed will be continuing on that tradition with full force.

A few random thoughts:

  • That opening bit. I’m no sports lover, but the drive, fury, raw violence, and sense of honor that encapsulates boxing stories always draws me in, and Michael B. Jordan’s solo fist fight at the opening of this trailer nailed it for me.
  • Wood Harris’ inclusion only makes me think of one thing: “He used to box Golden Gloves when he was younger.”
  • There’s no Paulie in this trailer and Burt Young isn’t listed in the credits. It’s gonna be a little weird seeing Rocky without his lovably awful sidekick.
  • I’m hoping that Rocky’s role is as supportive as this trailer leads us to believe. I think Rocky Balboa is a fantastic capper for that character’s main story, so even though I know some of what Rocky’s story involves in Creed, I’m liking that this trailer is putting Adonis front and center.
  • If you don’t get tingles when that little piece of the Rocky theme plays,you’ve given up on all that is beautiful in this world.

Creed goes for the knockout on November 25. You can guarantee I’m going to be ringside for this.

Thanks to Chewer Felix Ng for the heads-up!

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