Another one bites the dust.

With DC’s Vertigo titles moving over to New Line (which means some of them probably won’t be a part of the interconnected universe DC is building), one of the casualties seems to be good ol’ Guillermo’s involvement with Justice League Dark a.k.a. Dark Universe. With The Bull’s Crimson Peak due this October and work beginning to take shape on Pacific Rim 2: The Rim Job, it looks like our favorite Mexican is once again trying to juggle too many balls.

The only element that bums me out about this news is that del Toro won’t be taking a swing at one of my favorite DC characters, Swamp Thing. Though most people remember the muck-encrusted mockery of a man from his doofy live-action films (The Return of Swamp Thing is one of the worst things I thought was awesome when I was a kid), Alan Moore’s run with the character is essential reading for anyone who wants to see how comics transformed into a much deeper and literate medium. With del Toro and Vincenzo Natali (whose work on an aborted Swamp Thing movie you can check out here) both dropping out of a Swamp Thing project, my hopes of seeing a good version of the character brought to the big screen have immensely dwindled.

I will say this: if losing this project means that we might actually get Hellboy III, I’ll be able to sleep better at night.

Source: THR

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