Transporter, Taken, Crimson Rivers, Taxi, District 13, Arthur and the Minimoys – Luc Besson’s French production company EuropaCorp seemingly loves sequels. That’s why the Scarlett Johansson starring Lucy will actually get one. Lucy of course was the 2014 science-fiction thriller about an involuntarily set drug mule that becomes a godlike omniscient being. A highly entertaining, original superhero movie all of you probably saw, as it made more than ten times its budget, grossing half a billion dollars (!). No idea whether Scarlett will return to the role (probably), but EuropaCorp has officially announced the sequel for now.

Also returning: the Zoe Saldana starring Colombiana. Unlike Lucy, Colombiana wasn’t really a box office success though. Directed by your favorite working action director Olivier Megaton, the tale of a Colombian avenging angel that becomes one of the world’s best assassins only made $61 million dollars on a $40 million dollar budget. Busy with sequels to Star Trek, Guardians of the Galaxy and Avatar, Saldana will likely be replaced, just like the next Transporter movie won’t feature Jason Statham.

Okay! Now where are their sequels to Lock-Out starring Guy Pearce and Tommy Lee Jones’s The Homesman?