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EW got an exclusive on-set look at the return of Mulder and Scully, and I’m here to tell you the stuff that really matters.

First off, how are our two favorite paranormal investigators doing after the events of The X-Files: I Want to Believe? As you’d expect when it comes to Mulder, not so great.

“Mulder’s not in a great place,” says Duchovny, looking shabby in gray tee, shoes without shoelaces, and much stubble. “He’s wearing bad jeans, so you can just extrapolate from my wardrobe. He’s in a dark, dark place.”

Sounds good! The more on the fringe ol’ Spooky is, the more we love him. How about Dana?

Scully’s looking more put-together in a skirt suit and high heels. “I like where we find Mulder and Scully in their relationship,” says Anderson, adding that she’s equally engaged by the political resonance of the story Chris Carter has conceived for the revival. “I also like the area of zeitgeist that we step in to. It’s on point and raises some very interesting issues. And question marks.”

Part of that political resonance will be channeled through Joel McHale’s character, a conservative talk show host who will undoubtedly ruffle a few feathers. But even more than that, it’ll be interesting to see if series creator Chris Carter will tap into the plethora of shadiness that has plagued our post-9/11 nation. The fact that we know we are being spied upon by our own government and don’t seem to care is ripe for heightened examination. The liberties we’ve sacrificed in the pursuit of safety are exactly what conspiracy theorists of days gone by were laughed at for.

But, if social commentary isn’t what you want our of your X-Files, fear not! Monster of the week episodes are guaranteed, and fan favorite screenwriter Darin Morgan (whose few episodes are all mandatory viewing) is returning with the third episode of the new season. The title? “Mulder and Scully Meet The Were-Man.” Oh. YES.

The only bummer bit of news is that the upcoming episode “Home Again” won’t be a sequel of the disturbing classic “Home.” Oh well. As great as that could have been, the few times The X-Files revisited one-off characters never clicked as well as the original outing. I hope we’ll still get some sly references to past cases, but getting a slew of original stories is more than okay by me.

Keep watching the skies, Chewers. We’ll find out if the truth really is out there in January.

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