tom holland baby face

Welp, there he is. Your official MCU Spider-Man. Gotta come clean here: I’ve never seen this Tom Holland kid in anything. That’s actually something I find refreshing when it comes to the webhead’s third cinematic go-around. I had preconceived notions regarding Tobey “I’ll never do anything as good as Pleasantville” Maguire and Andrew “we’ve all seen and fawned over Never Let Me Go, right?” Garfield. Having a relative unknown (at least from my viewpoint) in the role means that I’m going to approach this iteration of the character (who is assuredly popping up in Captain America: What’s So Civil About War Anyway?) completely clean. When I step into the theater, I’m not going to see an actor. I’m going to see Peter Parker. That’s pretty cool. Of course, if you have seen this Tom Holland kid in something, you’ll probably have a much different opinion than I.

Speaking of Tom Holland, they should get the real Tom Holland (Fright NightChild’s Play) to direct. He’s already dealt with young men utilizing the transformative powers of the insect kingdom in his screenplay for The Beast Within, and look how that turned out!

beast within transformation

Oh, right. Spiders aren’t insects, they’re arachnids. Totally different. I guess we’ll have to settle with up-and-comer Jon Watts. What’s he directed, you ask? He has the pretty fun looking Cop Car coming out, and he also turned the fake trailer Clown into an actual horror movie. This guy sounds cool! The most inspiring part of his career has to do with his work for The Onion. Spider-Man needs to usurp the “funniest Marvel character” crown away from Iron Man, and Watts’ comedic background looks like it could go a long way in making that a reality.

The movie doesn’t have a screenwriter announced yet, so I’m hoping Drew Goddard is still in the mix. Gotta voice my support for my fellow Drews.

Another big piece of the Marvel puzzle has been filled in. Tell us your thoughts in the comments and forums.

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