A couple of nights ago I was lucky enough to catch Alice Cooper live. As I was ensconced in the late-night, crimson-drenched revelry inside the music hall with my fellow fiends, Alice Cooper repeatedly reminded us why he was the first, the best, the true godfather of shock rock, or shock n’ roll, if you prefer. Everything from decapitating himself onstage via guillotine, to hanging one of his many Billion Dollar Babies. There have been many imitators over the years but only one innovator, Alice Cooper!

Where would W.A.S.P., GWAR, Marilyn Manson, KISS, and Rob Zombie be without him?

But I digress…

In case you’re unaware, Cooper’s been tearing up the countryside as of late, supporting his latest album, Along Came a Spider. On this new concept album, which you can pick up here, Cooper belts out his new tunes from the perspective of a serial killer named Spider. Spider’s a tad screwed up, you see, as he enjoys hacking off the limbs of his victims, then stitching them together to create one arachnid-like monstrosity.

Of course, what would a new album be without the requisite video to support it, right?

Well, this being an Alice Cooper album the first video is anything but conventional. It’s three videos to be precise. Instead of me blathering any further just check them out below. The first feature chronicles Cooper’s thoughts on the  hows and whys of the videos, while the one following is three in one combo. Check it out!