I get so many emails about small film festivals; you wouldn’t believe. I keep meaning to start a weekly column dedicated to covering all these little regional festivals, since they’re all great places to see movies you might not otherwise have a chance to catch.

One of those — though you’ll have a chance to see it eventually — is Let the Right One In. But if you see it now, you’ll be able to go in relatively unspoiled by hype, and this is a movie that is bound to be hyped to death before it’s all said and done. Since I’m one of the only writers on the internet yet to see it, I’m going on good authority that all the positive notes are richly deserved.

Dead Channels is a San Francisco film festival that begins on Friday, and their opening night highlight is Let the Right One In. Plenty of other interesting stuff is playing over the course of a week: Niolas Roeg’s Puffball, Frank Henenlotter’s Bad Biology, Jennifer Lynch’s directorial return Surveillance and our friend Troy Nixey’s great short Latchkey’s Lament.

This is great for you, if you’re in SF, and irritating as hell for me. I’m actually writing this while waiting for my bags to come off a plane at SFO, and if I’d had this info 48 hours ago I could have flown home Saturday morning instead of Friday night and been around to catch the film. Since I can’t make it, our SF readers have to get out there and fill the seats for me. I have a feeling you won’t regret the effort.

Let The Right One In runs Friday night at 8 at the Roxie Film Center. Tickets are available through the Dead Channels website.