Remember when all the retarded groups protested Tropic Thunder for that ‘Never go full retard’ line? All of a sudden that seems like a solemn and serious social statement in the light of this news: blind people are pissed off about the movie Blindness.

Seriously. They’re enraged about the adaptation of Nobel Prize winner Jose Saramago’s book, and not due to the fact that by all accounts the movie ain’t that good. No, they’re pissed off that the movie depicts a society that falls into mass chaos when a contagious blindness epidemic sweeps a city.

I had to double check to make sure these weren’t angry retarded people again.

Marc Maurer, president of the National Federation of the Blind, is organizing 75 protests around the country, which should be worth gawking at. Blind people attempting to march should be amazing. Too bad they won’t be able to see how stupid they look.

Or see the movie! I can’t imagine anybody gives a shit about this protest, since a) it’s so, so dumb – the blindness is metaphor, not some bizarre statement that blind people are inherently evil – and b) since not that many blind folks are cineastes. The sightless is likely to not be the target audience of ANY movie.

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