It’s obviously missing Limp Bizkit and Richard Roxburgh for perfection, but other than that the newest Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation trailer looks really good. There’s an underwater stunt that could easily rival the plane sequence we already saw in the previous trailer. Cruise is still going all-in, Jeremy Renner plays another great second fiddle role, Simon Pegg is again obviously a joy to watch, and there’s a bikini shot. That sells, right?

I’d love to embed that new 2:41 trailer but just as I’m writing this Paramount is already taking down every released version even though they originated it. It was not an external leak, they probably just accidentally released a trailer that was meant for a later date. You’ll have to search for it on your own, but it’s out there. And it’s glorious! It opens with the plane sequence and ends with the underwater sequence.

MI5 hits theatres July 31st.

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