While all eyes remain on the national credit crisis, no one is even talking about the biggest crisis that is facing America today. Will no one step in and bail out Jack Black, a once cool, hip performer whose career has sunk to levels of mediocrity that only the most alarmist analysts could have foreseen? Even a slight uptick after Tropic Thunder (where, let’s admit it, he was the weakest link) seemingly cannot be sustained, and Jack Black appears on the brink of another free fall.

The catalyst? He’s going to be starring in a movie that is being happily described as a Bourne spoof, where he’ll be a guy who washes up on a beach in Cuba with no memory. He assumes he’s a superspy, but of course he’s a fat buffoon. Oh, the hilarity that is sure to ensue. The film is being written by the guys behind Kung Fu Panda, but this will be a live action picture.

Maybe I’m being too harsh. Maybe this concept, which sounds like a good idea for a sketch, will work as a feature and won’t be pandering to Black’s basest comic tendencies. Maybe it’ll be an intelligent and satirical look at action films. Somehow I doubt it. But hey, maybe it’ll be as good as Nacho Libre.