Larry Blamire shot off an email to let us know that The Lost Skeleton Returns Again will be having its world premiere this Friday at the Mill Valley Film Festival. Check out the fest’s site for info and to purchase tickets. They’ve got some other interesting flicks playing next week, like Let the Right One In (which Devin’s been championing like a madman) and Guy Ritchie’s RocknRolla (if you feel like giving him a chance after the one-two punch to the balls of Swept Away and Revolver.)

If you missed our last article on the sequel to one of the best riffs on B-movies to ever exist, now’s your chance to check out some footage on the official site. There are also 5 more teaser trailers that do a great job of demonstrating that Mr. Blamire and crew have still got it. Check out the 6th one for the return of Animala (who’s still apparently got a thing for rocks) and the 9th to hear that soothing, sweet voice of the skeleton once again.

Can’t wait to check this one out and hoping it hits many more festivals in the upcoming months! I never managed to see The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra in theaters but I am not going to make that mistake a second time… this is the kind of movie that would be glorious in a theater full of fans.