One of them created Star Wars, the other made dinosaurs come to life. One of them made us afraid to go into the water, the other brought Indiana Jones/Smith to life with the sheer power of his imagination [and a little dash of childhood nostalgia].
They two are held in high esteem as some of the greatest film makers, imagineers, and friends of all time. And as such, people want to destroy them.

   It always happens the same way, somebody stands up to say they are unique, or different – they have a special ability others do not – and for their trouble they get people who want to cut them down to size. Doubters, unbelievers, naysayers, negative nancies, all waiting in the wings for them to slip up, so they can call them out as the frauds they desperately need them to be, in order to justify their own incredible lack of any discernible talent or specialness.

     But what do you do if they don’t screw up? How can you tear them down, and deride their film making ability, if they keep making one fantastic and succesful movie after another? This was the question these kings of negativity, these ne’er-do-wells were desperately asking themselves.”If George Lucas & Steven Spielberg keep making such great movies, that the public flock in droves to see, how can we exercise our pointless vendetta to bring them down for no discernible reason other than our own insecurities?” they said to themselves, and an answer seemed beyond their grasp for the time being.

     But one day, with the dawn of the release of Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace soon approaching, they struck upon a revolutionary concept. “Why don’t we make a big deal about how bad it is, DESPITE how great it is! People are sheep, they believe anything they are told! Add that to the conventional wisdom that sequels are never as good as originals, and we will be able to brainwash perfectly sane people into somehow agreeing that these incredible pieces of entertainment are bad! Plus we can use the internets!’

     And so with their new plan of action formulated, all over the world wide web, these hateful people spread their vile tongue-lashings and half baked reasons why the new movies of Lucas and Spielberg couldn’t possibly live up to their movies of yester-year. And slowly but surely, their incessant yammerings gained an audience [mostly among the jaded, and weak-minded], and their twisted reasoning was applied to not just the Star Wars prequels, but all subsequent endeavours of the two movie magnates, including the new Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, and any recent Steven Spielberg movie that one could get away with insulting without looking like an insensitive twit towards its subject matter.

     Much like The One Ring, with these thoughts embedded in peoples minds, some things that should not have been forgotten, were. The once glittering image people had of George And Steven was replaced with a pointlessly anguished and falsely ambivalent attitude. “How dare they try to entertain us!” they would scream “How dare they insult us by presenting these wildly successful pieces of entertainment that all people without idiotic grudges seem to enjoy! The nerve!”.

     But fear not, my dear readers, for this story has a happy ending. For you see, those who appreciate the work of these great men of the silver screen, and those who know that change, is not always necessarily a depreciation of quality, these people will sing loud and true, and show these films they love to their children, and they to their children, as it always has been. Because as has so often been said, “Film is forever”, and all the truly great films will live on, while negative contrarianism, fades into the shadows, to be forgotten in time. Like tears in rain. Thats right, I’m plagiarising a replicant, deal with it.