It’s hard to believe it’s drawing close to a decade since Alan Ball has seen one of his original screenplays on the silver screen. You may have heard about the last one, you know, a little number called American Beauty, which annihilated the competition at the Oscars and bagged a golden goodie for Ball.

Sure, Ball wrote and directed Towelhead/Nothing is Private, which finally saw a limited release earlier this month, but that was an adaptation of Alicia Erian’s novel, so as talented as Ball is he wasn’t the initial creative seed on that one. Additionally, as I’m sure you’re aware, Ball’s been focusing his talents on the boob tube for most of the new millennium a la Six Feet Under (finally someone appropriately ends a show when the story is over and doesn’t milk it for two or three seasons, only to see the quality diminish) and this year’s True Blood.

Well, it seems Ball has a couple of original scripts that have been collecting dust for some time now, and the good news is one of them sounds like it has the potential to be a horror film!

Ball chatted with the folks over at MTV yesterday and had the following to spew on his possible impending projects:

“I have two scripts that I wrote years ago, both of which I still believe in. I’m actually thinking of trying to produce one and not direct and there’s another one that I’d like to direct,” he revealed to MTV News.

“The one I want to direct is a screwball comedy. It takes place in the 30s. It’s kind of a romantic farce about two very bullheaded people negotiating their sexual relationship within standards of that time, with that language, and with all the trappings of 1936,” he said.

“They’re both incredibly wealthy at a time when the rest of the world is going hungry, which I find incredibly timely.

“The other one is harder to pitch in a high concept way – it’s a dark, dark comedy about a woman who just gets fed up with being a doormat,” he continued, letting slip details on the otherwise secretive project. “And it’s got a body count!”

Sounds like a female Lester Burnham-type with a serious penchant for knocking off those that piss her off. Could be cool with Alan Ball penning it. At the very least you know it won’t be conventional.

But come one, Alan, direct the body count script instead, let someone else direct the screwball comedy.