Brett Ratner certainly has no shortage of projects he’d like to get off the ground. In fact, he’s been attached to so many things in the last year (usually not as rumors but as statements from his own mouth) that I’ve lost track of what the hell he is supposed to be working on.

UGO caught up with Ratner at some event or other this week and asked him the probing ‘What are you doing next?’ question, and in addition to that Playboy movie and Beverly Hills Cop IV, he name dropped a God of War movie. I don’t think this is ‘news’, but neither was that ‘Ratner wants to do a Guitar Hero movie’ thing that came from the Walter Cronkites at MTV News a month back. Sometimes you gotta fill space.

Ratner’s talked about God of War before, and I’m sure that some people will get up in arms about it, but I’m officially at outrage fatigue when it comes to video game movies. Who cares, essentially. God Of War is a good game, but it’s relentlessly shallow in its 14-year old boy fascination with sex and violence, so I think Ratner would be kind of an ideal director for it. This is a movie that would be served best by a chugging electric guitar soundtrack, as well as some hip hop beats, and Ratner is just the guy to figure out which needledrops work best in ancient Sparta.

See the video interview with Ratner here.