Scream Factory banner

Shout Factory’s genre title outlet Scream Factory is one of the unquestionable champions of disc releases in the modern age (the other two contenders are Criterion and Arrow Video). They rarely, if ever, have had a collector’s edition that didn’t live up to the name. This October, they’ve announced a pair of films that any self-respecting horror fan will be chomping at the bit to put on their shelf.

Their biggest get is Sam Raimi’s Army of Darkness. This third entry in the Evil Dead series stands on its own (it was the first of the series I ever saw), and there’s no need for me to sell you good people on the wonders of Ashley Williams and his boomstick. While they haven’t announced any specs yet, it has been confirmed that it will have their signature reversible cover art, giving you the original poster art and a newly commissioned piece.

The other announcement has to do with the Tales from the Crypt duology (no, I don’t acknowledge Ritual) of Demon Knight and Bordello of Blood. I know Bordello of Blood gets a lot of flak, and deservedly so (Dennis Miller. Jesus), but it was the perfect film for a nine year-old me to discover.

However, Demon Knight is one of my favorite “fun” horror flicks of all time. Billy Zane steals the show as The Collector (no, not that one), William Sadler William Sadler’s the fuck out his role as a cursed badass, and the film has Dick Miller. Any film with Dick Miller deserves a watch. I’ve been waiting for Demon Knight to get its due, and Scream Factory is going to deliver.

If anyone ever wants to get me a gift, you can pretty much throw a dart at any of their selections and I’ll be happy. With disc releases becoming more and more niche, I’m so thrilled that Scream Factory are giving lesser appreciated films their time in the sun.