STUDIO: Warner Brothers
MSRP: $19.98
RUNNING TIME: 92 minutes
Table Reads, Raw Interviews, and More

Mommentary – episode commentary from the creators’ mothers

Commentary on Mommentary – from creators on their mothers’ aforementioned commentary

Mommentary (Jellybean) – commentary on the commentary of the commentary


The Pitch

The universe’s greatest talk show host broadcasts from the Ghost Planet.

The Humans

George Lowe, Andy Merrill, Dave Thomas, Bjork, C. Martin Croker, Thom Yorke and Willie Nelson

The Nutshell

Space Ghost was once a super-hero that patrolled deep space with two teenage sidekicks. Things change and he’s now hosting a talk show from the depths of space. Thrill to his fifth season, where he interviews the likes of Radiohead’s Thom Yorke and Willie Nelson. There’s product placement and even an appearance of Ol’ Kentucky Shark. This was Adult Swim’s humble beginnings. Enjoy them for all time.

You spent how much on In Rainbows?

The Lowdown

The modernization of Space Ghost started the push to Adult Swim. After a couple of celebs trying to carry on an interview with re-animated Space Ghost clips proved fruitful, the push for adult cartoons was on its way. A million dollar industry was born and potheads were given something to watch between the hours of 11pm and whenever the queer Anime shit started. But, is it funny? Well, it’s not funny as much as it gives you funny moments.

Iceland is apparently clothed by the Salvation Army.

Since I don’t have the aid of narcotics to help get me through this viewing, I was left pondering the affinity of the Space Ghost episodes. The Kentucky Nightmare episode with the shark is funny to a point. But, it comes across as a little stupid and drawn out upon repeat viewings. This disc made the bits fresh again with such things as the mom commentary on the special features. But, should you rely on the novelty of old women discussing the episodes to help you get through them?

Harlan County U.S.A 2099

Adult Swim and its shows have been plagued with that downside. The fun works in extremely small doses. If it’s stretched passed those comfort limits, it turns boring. A joke can be only so funny after going past the 15 minute marker. Still, I don’t watch the show for the dialogue. Unless, it’s Brak. I love Brak so much.

This DVD is going to be exclusively available from Williams Street. The Buy It link at the top of the review has been adjusted to take you directly to that site. I don’t get why Adult Swim or Warner Brothers didn’t feel strong enough in launching this title like they did the past four seasons of Space Ghost: Coast to Coast. Maybe the economic hit of Speed Racer and The Golden Compass hurt the company in ways that I never thought. Ways that include stoner comedy and adult animation.

Throw in a bottle of lube and we’ve got ourselves a party.

The Package

Space Ghost: Coast to Coast – From the Kentucky Nightmare comes
with a bizarre offering. The A/V Quality is a lot better than I
expected. There’s quite a bit of clean-up between the original airing of Season 5 and what we have here. What I don’t get is how odd the marketing of Space Ghost Coast to Coast has been. I don’t see a lot of folks going online to buy a cult show from a decade ago.

The special features are fun. Especially, when you consider the sheer amount of commentaries featured on this DVD. You get creator commentary and then you get commentary from the creators’ moms. Then, the creators have a commentary for that mommentary. There’s also some table reads featuring the legendary George Lowe and other actors. It’s a pretty packed disc. Well, it’s a pretty packed disc that Warner Brothers didn’t feel comfortable enough distributing to stores. That’s just cheap.

The D was always excited when people mentioned their tour-de-force performance in Cradle Will Rock.

7.9 out of 10