baron mordo

Baron Mordo.

Deadline has the scoop, and it says some pretty interesting stuff regarding Mordo’s role in the upcoming Scott Derrickson film. Baron Mordo has classically been the rival of Doctor Strange, but from what I can glean from Deadline’s bit about Mordo possibly not being completely villainous, I’m thinking he may be playing second fiddle to a much larger villain…

Dormammu, the Dread One.

Mordo has been featured in storylines as a pawn of Dormammu’s before, and having Mordo end up releasing a terrible power in the name of revenge would allow Ejiofor to play with some redemptive aspects of the character once the third act rolls around.

I hope Doctor Strange is weird and doesn’t play things safe. The casting of Benadryl Cabbagepatch as Stephen Strange left me unmotivated about the project, but Ejiofor’s role as a foil along with Tilda Swinton’s involvement has rekindled my interest.

Doctor Strange crosses over into our dimension on November 4, 2016.

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