This is how you do a trailer. Granted, Disney’s Zootopia could probably have presented its premise in a more traditional way (and they certainly will down the road), but I dig that this features no footage from the film but still sells you on the world and attitude of Zootopia.

I don’t exactly agree with their claim of doing something groundbreaking (there are plenty of examples of animals being anthropomorphized, and even stories that don’t feature humans. Heck, Disney did it themselves with Robin Hood), but I’m guessing that exists solely so they can have their punny tagline.

I haven’t been crazy about Walt Disney Animation Studios’ last two outings (Frozen was mediocre until the last fifteen or twenty minutes, and Big Hero 6 was underdeveloped but kept afloat by the pure charm of Baymax), so I’m hoping Zootopia offers something more to my liking.

The only thing I’m dreading is all the furry rule 34 this film will end up inspiring. This is what I think of when these things enter the world. Thanks, Internet. Thinternet.

Zootopia opens on March 4, 2016.

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