…well, OK, it’s actually in Germany. But this structure is meant to be in France, and when it appears at the head of the first reel of Inglorious Basterds (yep, that’s how they’re spelling the title on production materials, so I’m going to follow through) I expect that you’ll believe it is in France. This house isn’t just where the film starts, but where the shit starts to go down, and if Tarantino makes good on the promise of the script these walls could house a very memorable sequence, indeed.

The Quentin Tarantino Archives, well up to date as ever, has the first photos of the farmhouse exterior as constructed in Germany. (I’m sorry we’re less up to date; I got an email over the weekend that hinted at this and I only checked this evening.) Too bad this is all we’ve got right now; I’d much rather be able to show off photos of Melanie Laurent as Shoshanna , the female lead who originally lives in this structure. Because unless you’ve read the film’s opening (and I wouldn’t think of spoiling it if you haven’t; I kinda wish I hadn’t read it) this is just a photo of a house.

The film goes before cameras very soon, so expect a lot more photos to crop up in the coming weeks.