danny mcbride jody hill

The comedic teaming of Danny McBride and Jody Hill is one of our unheralded national treasures. The Foot Fist Way was a great introduction to their purposefully abrasive humor and characters, and they reconfigured that perfectly for four seasons of HBO’s Eastbound & Down. And while McBride only had a small but memorable cameo in Hill’s Observe and Report, that film was unquestionably my favorite movie of 2009. Needless to say, I’m in the bag with these two.

So news that they are working on another film together is a pretty decent reason to stave off exiling myself to a cave on the outskirts of civilization. The film will be called The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter and will be written by Hill, McBride, and Eastbound & Down scribe John Carcieri. While we don’t know exactly what the story will entail (going by the title, I’m hoping Hill brings his trademark vulgarity to the world of trophy hunting), I’m betting that Hill’s particular interest in obnoxious blowhards who have the talent to back up their repugnant behavior will come into play. As an added bit of impetus to check this out, Josh Brolin has been confirmed as a co-star. Sold and sold.

2016 is looking like one hell of a year for Hill and McBride. Not only do they have this new film in the works, but they have another HBO show, Vice Principals, airing next year. Considering that Kenny Powers’ time as a substitute teacher in season one of Eastbound & Down was a horrific joy to witness, I can imagine placing McBride around students full time will only be more enjoyable.

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