Before we go any further, pay attention to this: so far, this movie is NOT happening. OK? OK. I’ve contacted an excellent source who knows nothing about this actually moving forward at the present, so don’t get too worried.

Travis Wright and John Glen, co-writers on the original draft of Eagle Eye, once worked on a Blade Runner sequel script. This was a while back, and at one point they were even working with original Blade Runner producer Bud Yorkin to get the thing off the ground. But like the Blade Runner Down project from the late ’90s, it died.

Or so we thought. Though Wright and Glen are no longer partnered at the keyboard, Wright is still talking about the project as if it is a going concern. /Film has the exclusive about Wright speaking at a recent Q&A, where he mentions the sequel script and the fact that he’s talked to producers, etc. about getting the film off the ground.

/Film originally reported that Wright and Glen were actively working on the project, but Glen wrote to clarify, as follows: “There was a point where Travis and I were working with Bud Yorkin on a sequel to Blade Runner, but that was years back. It never got too far off the ground because the movie is so perfect, so the more we thought about it, the more uneasy we became with the idea.”

Hopefully that means that /Film’s original scooper mis-characterized Wright’s comments at the Q&A, and that the screenwriter remains uneasy with the idea. Regardless, can you imagine the effort he’d have to put forth to get a Blade Runner sequel made? We may live in a Simpsons-like universe where an I Am Legend prequel seems like a good idea, but I don’t yet believe that even a studio head is dumb enough to think audiences want a sequel to this film.