I’ve never seen Bad Boys. However, thanks to Edgar Wright’s not-so-subtle recommendation in Hot Fuzz, I have witnessed the unbridled, morally bankrupt genius of Bad Boys II. That film is all the argument you need when defending Michael Bay.

I can’t even imagine how to approach a sequel, but Deadline is reporting that Joe Carnahan has an idea. He’s in early talks to take a pass at David Guggenheim’s current script, and could feasibly be looking to direct as well.

Carnahan is a great choice to take over from Bay. Smokin’ Aces is one of the best comic book movies not based on a comic book, and the utter disregard for decency in that movie lines up perfectly with the spirit of Bad Boys II. If Carnahan can provide the same lurid vulgarity that made Smokin’ Aces so memorable, he stands a chance at making Bad Boys III (gotta stay classy with those Roman numerals) a worthy followup to Bay’s beautifully repugnant sequel.

And hearing Will Smith once again drop multiple F-bombs will be worth the price of admission.

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