Independence Day 2 is happening. We cannot stop it. It has set its sights on the year 2016 and is determined to Roland Emmerich the fuck out of everything in its path. Accept this fate and move on.

But, before you do that, check out the first Promotional Art courtesy of Collider:


Those sassy aliens have upped their game this time around. Not content to Roland Emmerich another national monument, they’ve decided to Roland Emmerich the entire planet. They must be big 2012 fans. That clearly makes them evil, soulless beings.

Independence Day is one of the most well-crafted pieces of crap entertainment in the modern age. I don’t have much hope that this sequel will maintain the “well-crafted” part, but if Randy Quaid shows up in this, it will be worth every penny. If he buttfucks an alien, it will be the reason for cinema’s existence.

Independence Day 2 Roland Emmerichs on June 24, 2016. Somehow, Brent Spiner is in it.

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