Italians get all the best shit. Monolithic use of concrete in public works. Floating cities. Danger: Diabolik. And now a bizarre video game cameo: for the Italian version of EA’s nifty Dead Space, one character is voiced by Dario Argento. The director voices Doctor Kyne, and says that the game “truly captures the essence of fear in an entertainment medium. Not only
is it the most terrifying game I’ve ever played, but it’s also one that
all fans of horror will appreciate.

This is Italy-only for now; perhaps EA can be convinced to offer an optional patch download that will add a subtitled Argento voice to the game in other territories. If the patch could be extended to include some music by Goblin, all the better.

Dead Space hits the Xbox360 and PS3 on October 14 and PCs on October 20.