Variety reports that Zack Snyder has inked a deal with EA to produce 3 original games.

The games will be developed at EA’s LA Studio in Playa Vista. EA will own the intellectual properties, which they may try to turn into films under Synder’s Cruel and Unusual Films label.

If this sounds familiar to anyone, it’s because Steven Spielberg did almost the exact same thing a few years ago, signing up with the gaming giant to create 3 new games. Only one has been released so far, Boom Blox (review), one of the better bangs for your buck on the Wii.

The only problem? Boom Blox wasn’t exactly a big seller, and typically games made by directors haven’t done as well as expected from the strength of their names alone (Stranglehold, anyone?) Zack Snyder may be a household name for the readers of Chud, and slapping “From the director of 300 and Watchmen” on the cover would peak anyone’s interest, but can this equal sales for EA? We will see….

Speaking of Zack Snyder games, the rag mentions that Warner Bros. is making two downloadable games around Watchmen, while Brash Entertainment is doing one based on 300 that will hopefully be better than that crappy PSP game. That company sure likes their movie adaptations, having made games out of everything from Jumper and Space Chimps to the (gulp) upcoming Saw video game.

In any case, it doesn’t appear that Snyder has come up with the idea for the first game just yet. We’ll let you know when he does.