I gotta be frank with you — I don’t give a good gosh darn about Aquaman. I don’t like him or dislike him, he’s just a thing that I have a vague awareness of. I understand he has a reputation of being pretty uncool, which is probably why he’ll look like this in his upcoming film:


James Wan is coming off the bonkers success of Furious 7, a gig I thought he’d be an odd fit for. But based on that film’s success, Wan seems to have made the transition to blockbuster filmmaking just fine. That probably means he’ll do a fine job with Aquaman, too. The Hollywood Reporter (and a bunch of other outlets) have announced that Wan and Warner Brothers have closed that rumored deal, so good for him.

I’m more anxious to know what DC/WB’s angle is gonna be on this flick. I definitely don’t think they’re gonna do an origin story, which is good. But how grimdark should this one get?

Wan has also closed a deal to direct Robotech over at Sony, and with The Conjuring 2 rapidly approaching, the guy is gonna have movies coming out of his ears soon.