Larger horror releases haven’t done much for me in a long time, and the recent Poltergeist remake didn’t inspire any confidence in the future of the genre. With last year’s biggest hits being Ouija and Annabelle, I don’t see studio horror films getting better any time soon. I’ll still hold out hope for Crimson Peak, but my faith in the movie-going public is rarely rewarded.

Luckily, the independent horror market has been flourishing, providing what might end up being cult classics in the forms of It Follows (which Travis and I both dug), Starry Eyes, Spring, Honeymoon, and probably something else I’m forgetting right now.

By the looks of this trailer, We Are Still Here could be poised to join their ranks. Featuring the eternally youthful Barbara Crampton, this looks like the kind of horror movie that the kids should be checking out. One of the unfortunate side effects of the recent horror cycle has been the conditioning of audiences to equate “horror” exclusively with being startled by jump scares. The lack of an attempt to craft an atmosphere of dread and creepiness is one of the hallmarks of a good horror film, and We Are Still Here looks to be doing just that.

We Are Still Here lands on VOD and select theaters this Friday. Check it out, or watch Ouija and contribute to the pussification of the genre I love the most. Your call.