STUDIO: TLA Releasing
MSRP: $19.99
RATED: Not Rated
RUNNING TIME: 84 minutes
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The Pitch

Asians like voyeurism.

The Humans

Aoi Sola, Hiroto Kato and Keita Ohno

The Nutshell

Ryo (Keita Ohno) has moved into a new apartment. Fascinated by how thin the walls are, it’s only a matter of time before he notices something peculiar. Ryo can hear his sexy neighbor Satsuki (Aoi Sola) doing things in her apartment. It’s not long before Ryo starts to sexualize the most trivial details that he can only hear. Ryo is in heaven until he learns of Satsuke’s boyfriend. Will this man put an end to his voyeurism?

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The Lowdown

The Japanese have an odd sense of what makes a Blue film work. Talking to a friend that’s more well-versed in the realm of Japanese cult films, this movie is what would pass for a Pinku Eiga. The Pinku Eiga is a film that’s meant to tantalize the audience with promises of flesh and carnal passion. But, what this particular film manages to do is raise the stakes by forcing us to observe the obsessive viewer. Ryo starts off as a simple young man who just wants an apartment with a bathtub. The simple thought of having a shot at nailing a piece of ass sets him into a whirlwind.

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film plays into that special kind of obsession that young men dominate. A misunderstood look, a wink or even a simple slip of the tongue can start a rollercoaster of emotions. The film tries to take the focus off this obsession by introducing Satsuki’s boyfriend. He’s probably in the Yakuza or some other criminal syndicate. You’re never given a lot of info, but you find yourself identifying with Ryo’s quest. He needs to save her from this life. Thirty-two years ago, that was enough to get Travis Bickle to shoot Harvey Keitel on a stoop.

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Man, Woman and the Wall is an interesting film that never delivers on its promise. Sure, there are tits, but there’s no conclusion. Ryo never learns to deal with his obsession and actually talk to Satsuki like a person. He’s still just as creepy and potentiall dangerous as her boyfriend. It’s not satisfying, but it’s true to life.

The film isn’t something that you should put on for general audiences. Yet, it feels like a good starting point for where audiences’ expectations should be when it comes to obsession confused for romance. I couldn’t even imagine some studio trying to sell this movie in North America, as it breaks all the rules of what a Western audience is willing to accept. But, I guess you could sell the fucker as a round eye remake with some Weinstein re-editing.

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The Package

Man, Woman and the Wall comes
DVD with a nearly barebones offering. The A/V Quality is pretty good for International Cinema. It’s just that the audio suffered. I kept hearing a lot of pops and crackles in the back channels. The mix seemed very tinny and spaced out way too far. The center channel dialogue was difficult to make out at times, but that wasn’t really a major problem. All and all, I’d recommend it for a rental.

The only arousing thing in this film.

6.1 out of 10