I recently gave Marvel Studios some flack for their lazy approach to poster art, and today’s poster for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 shows that you can still make evocative poster art in this day and age. Check it out:


Not only does it sell the gist of the film, but it does so in a striking way. This is a great poster! Of course, any ingenuity in the field of poster art is usually reserved for teasers like this, so I’m sure the final one-sheet will plaster Jennifer Lawrence’s face all over itself.

I’m a very casual fan of The Hunger Games films (never read the books and don’t feel like it. Too busy reading every Stephen King novel ever), but I’m a huge supporter of their revolutionary attitude and distaste for the status quo. As these are ostensibly movies aimed at a young audience, I’m glad that they are instilling a spirit of dissent into a generation of viewers. Or making kids take up archery, because God knows we need more archers in the world.

The Hunger Games 4: The Revenge comes out on November 20th.