You really liked Far Cry Blood Dragon and Black Dynamite, and thought the well-made but utterly boring Iron Sky should have been a lot funnier? Take a look at David Sandberg’s finished version of his amazing 80’s action movies parody Kung Fury which has absolutely everything:

– ninjas and nazis
– dozens of oneliners
Mortal Kombat inspired fight scenes
– super hackers
– Laser-Raptors
– Thor and Viking babes with miniguns
– a theme song by David Hasselhoff
– a speaking tyrannosaur
– Hitler doing martial arts
– fighting arcade machines
– references to 80’s animated series such as GI Joe and MASK
– cop movie cliches
– time travel
– splits
– walking away from explosions
– putting on sun-glasses during a fight
– a Triceratops as a partner who loves to shoot enemies right in the testicles
– Jorma Taccone of The Lonely Island

Unlike many other rather unfunny, painfully forced indie parodies or Asylum movies, this one finally does it right. It’s cheap, stupid, and the absolute opposite of subtle, but made with a great sense for comedy and actual talent for directing, editing, pacing and fight scene choreography. Most of it has been done with green screen, but it’s lovingly stuffed with great details and it really looks gorgeous for a $630,000 movie. Thor and his Viking babes seem like a weak spot, but this 30 minute piece will still be one of the funniest movies you’ll see this year, and it kicks the 110 times more expensive Adam Sandler / Kevin James 80’s nostalgia action fest Pixels right in the balls.

Somebody hire Sandberg to do a big movie. That kid needs a future.

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