Not ‘against’ Mark Millar, which would be great to watch, but ‘with’ Millar. The studio has optioned War Heroes, the writer’s latest title from Image, to be adapted by producer Michael DeLuca. The entire creative team is to be determined (or, more likely in some cases, to be announced) so don’t get too excited yet.

This would continue Millar’s impressive streak of successful adaptations. Wanted will be on DVD soon (and a phone conversation I had today confirmed there’ll be more news coming shortly on the video game, which picks up after the movie ends) and Matthew Vaughn is shortly to begin production on his adaptation of Kick-Ass.

War Heroes, which Millar has called “the balls-to-the-wall book of my dreams,” begins with a super-soldier program and continues as the thing inevitably goes wrong when a cadre of enhanced soliders decides to make crime a calling. One enhanced soldier inevitably rises to oppose them. Could this be the movie that finally breaks the streak of ‘no’s that followed ‘Is Dolph Lundgren in it?’ on our old Fetal Film pages? I hope so.