OK first thing, nice Doctor Manhattan there in this new Spirit trailer. But that’s a nitpick; there are only so many ways you can explosively blow a man’s flesh off his bones whilst said bones pose in an expression of agony.

Really, though, this trailer does a much better job than before of conveying what The Spirit seems to be. Both as a character — a slightly supernatural, sorta invulnerable guy — and as a movie. Which, from what we get here, could be a confused mess. Which isn’t necessarily a jab; pulpy fun and coherence don’t have to go hand in hand. And while I’m not convinced that Miller hasn’t created a scattershot tribute to Eisner, there are bits of this trailer I love. “Get me a tie, and it better be red!” That’s great. More like that and the negative Spirit buzz might just dissolve.

See the trailer at Moviefone.