A couple days ago, Shane Black’s return to directorial duties was announced, which cast doubt on the idea that he might soon(ish) make Lethal Weapon 5. But one thing happening (that is, Cold Warriors, which Black didn’t write but will direct) doesn’t mean the other has to die.

According to EW, Joel Silver is trying to get Mel Gibson to sign onto the story idea penned by Black, which would bring two fresh NYPD officers into the narrative fold. The idea is for Black to direct as well, taking up where Richard Donner failed left off.

Though I’d infinitely rather see him penning another original script, I can see why this seems like a good idea to Black. The ideas for Murtaugh and Riggs probably come easily, it would provide some sort of creative closure, and (hopefully) give him a more recognizable platform to further his directorial career. If this was a world with any fairness in it, the fantastic Kiss Kiss Bang Bang would be all he needed, but we know by now the good sinks as the shit rises. Hope for the best anyway; if this works out we could have two Black-directed films within two years, and I don’t care if one of them has to be a sequel no one wants.