The one-sheet for Valkyrie is finally out, and it deepens the confusion as to exactly what the movie might be. Is it a war film, a thriller, or some sort of retro melange infused with an Ocean’s Eleven spirit? If all of the above, well, um….rad? But I don’t really expect that, and neither do you.

And while I like many independent parts of the image, I have to wonder if anyone who sees the poster knowing nothing of the film will actually get what it’s about. The blueprint + path to Hitler + highlighted Tom Cruise is a neat graphic idea in concept, but I don’t think it came together well at all; at first glance I thought it was a diagram showing how to navigate the second dungeon in The Bard’s Tale.

Valkyrie opens on December 26.

UPDATE: Only hours after I posted this, a new trailer was released, and it’s a significant step forward from the first. Though constructed along familiar thriller lines, with a metronomic ticking bomb timing each beat, the clip features many striking individual shots: a man’s hand with blood trickling down out of his suit jacket; a cigarette burning a mosquito; a swimmer in a giant swaztika pool; any shot of Carice van Houten. A slam dunk? Not in the way I think the recent W. trailer is. But a solid piece of work that hints at a potentially watchable film. Even if I suspect it is really a workmanlike caper with a handful of pretty shots to spice things up.

See the trailer in various definitions at Yahoo.