I can’t foresee Blade Runner 2: Replicants in Paradise being anything other than controversial in the fan community, and I’m not going to hold out for something as landmark as the original. Still, having Denis Villeneuve as the director is a big reason to stay intrigued, and today’s news increases the Intrigue-o-meter to about 73 (that’s not out of a hundred by the way).

Roger Deakins will be the cinematographer on Blade Runner 2: Die, Deckard, Die, and if you don’t recognize his name, check out his IMDb page for some pretty solid evidence that Blade Runner 2: Assignment Off-World Beach will look gorgeous. The first film’s aesthetic and design are big reasons why it’s so memorable and effective, and it looks like the studio won’t be skimping in that department.

Even if Blade Runner 2: Your Sister is a Replicant ends up failing in the story and character department, if it can bring something visual to sci-fi cinema that we haven’t seen since Ridley Scott’s original, I’ll consider that a win.

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