The new James Bond adventure is all set to rattle your senses and shake and stir your theater brethren on November 14th. If you’ve seen the trailer, you know that Bond partakes in some construction site fights, mourns the loss of his one true love (other than himself), and rankles M with his independent, go for broke nature. It’s a really great trailer, honestly. (Rewatch it here.) And if you’ve seen the new poster, which just debuted over on the aptly named (for Bond, at least), you know that Bond is standing in the desert with a haunted Now, where did I park the car look in his eyes while holding the combo gun/keyless entry remote Q designed for him. Also in the poster: his annoyed date.

Here’s a taste of the poster. Click on either pouty face to see the whole thing:

The poster is fairly uninspiring, right? It may have more resonance once the film has been seen. Once we understand why the car was misplaced. However, given the choice of hanging the poster on my wall or hanging it from the gallows…I’d hang it on my wall. It just seems like less trouble and not quite as vile.