I remember the initial reception to Limitless being somewhat lukewarm, but I’ve had the film recommended to me more times than I can remember. I guess it’s time to sit down and watch the damned thing, because it’s about to grow into a cross-platform franchise on CBS. And hey, it’s even going to link up to the movie! Check out the show’s trailer below. I think it looks very televisiony — lots of bland sets, medium shots, and an FBI/murder plot — but if it’s able to gather as much of a following as the film did, I think the show stands a chance of being something cool.

The show stars Jake McDorman as the show’s protagonist and Jennifer Carpenter as the FBI agent looking to bring him in. Bradley Cooper will guest star in the pilot and, according to Deadline, will pop up in the show as often as his schedule will allow.

Limitless will premiere this fall on CBS.