While DC hastily tries to assemble a cinematic universe for theaters, it’s doing a fairly good job at putting one together for the small screen. You’ve got ArrowThe Flash and a few more on the way. One of the upcoming shows based on DC property is Supergirl, starring Melissa Benoist and debuting on CBS this fall.

Sure, Supergirl isn’t the most popular character in DC’s archives but that’s the beauty of television: these lesser-known characters are given room to develop and steal peoples’ hearts. Plus they have access to so many other DC characters and villains. Just look at Arrow, which has given us decent portrayals of many DC baddies, including recently Ra’s Al Ghul. So while Supergirl might not be as popular as her cousin, that doesn’t mean her show will be lacking in comic book goodness.

The first extended trailer for Supergirl is pretty darn great. I’m not a huge fan of her revealing her secret identity to nearly everyone shown in this trailer but aside from that, this thing looks like a lot of fun. Again, this is where the DC shows have succeeded: they’re comfortable in the lighter tone. It’s not grimdark and heavy, it’s exciting and lively and bright.

Benoist looks like a perfect fit too. She seems to be having a blast, as would any young woman with the power of flight. Along with her bubbly performance, the effects and cinematography looks impressive. It’s smart to pump a lot of money into this show and make sure it doesn’t look like a cheap SyFy show. As these hero shows find more success they also find bigger budgets.

It looks like DC might have another successful small screen adaptation here. How long until Henry Cavill shows up?