Please Send Letters.

Justin Writes:

Maybe it’s an issue with the “new” upgrades to the site, or maybe it’s a personal issue, but I just had to mention that these Qurantine ads pop up on the whole page, and they seemingly stop the loading progress because even after I watch the ad and exit it, I lose my entire scroll bar and can’t finish reading an article sometimes.  I support the site and support the ads, and all it takes is a refresh of the page to get to the goods, but I just wanted to mention it to maybe see if it’s something you could address. if not its just my problem that i’ll happily keep living with.

keep on trucking my man.

Nick Replies:

It was actually a combination of an annoying ad and some messed up coding in the header of the site. If you noticed, we are doing some upheaval on the site’s FLAWED AS FUCK EXPENSIVE AND USELESS REDESIGN BY ASSHOLES, so it’s part our fault and part the ad’s fault. All apologies. My morning’s site related activities were hampered as well.

Dave Writes:

Seriously the big ads that creep down and eat your page are awful. I don’t mind the interstitials but holy wowzers they break the scroll bar on Safari and never go away. Its unpossible to read the site in its current shape.

Nick Replies:

Agreed Should be lively now. Jason Lively.

Andrew Writes:

Great SW/Oak Ridge podcast.

Steve is WAY quieter than you and Justin.
No, it’s not my headphones.
It’s hard to hear him.

I appreciate your efforts.
I am spreading the word.
Kind of.

Nick Replies:

Steve has always been told to speak up, whether it be in his home, at church, in school, or as the head of the Klan. Thanks for listening.

Tom Writes:

Your article on Delgo is the single funniest thing I have ever read ever…. And I’ve read the fucking Da Vinci Code.
Kudos.  Kudos,

Nick Replies:

You need to read more! But thanks!

Hologhost Writes:

I am a long time reader, and I really enjoy your site. 

My job permits me to surf the internet between tasks, which is a nice perk.  Usually, I can check out your site without having to worry about finding anything likely to get me fired.  (At least not without some warning – for example, reviews of especially graphic horror films – I can guess there might be pics that would offend my coworkers and avoid them.)

So I was kind of surprised to be looking at a harmless comedy DVD review for Walk  Hard (which I was trying to decide it I wanted to see) and suddenly find my 17 inch screen full of a shot of a penis.

Now, I have nothing against penises – really.  But I can’t be the only person who checks out your site at work, and in the wrong circumstance that sort of thing could get a person fired. 

While I hate to give up checking out your site, I’m going to have to try to figure out whether I need to.  I respect your right to post as many penises as you want, but I would ask that you consider your readers.  A “NSFW” warning would have been nice here.

Just my two cents – thank you for your time.

Nick Replies:

My motto is ALL PENIS or NO PENIS when it comes to the site’s graphics. I will try to commit to one or the other. Actually, in all honestly we need to not have that on the site if possible, unless I can milk a dime out of it because if you read the talkbalks you’ll know I am a money grubbing shitbump.

Guy Writes:

I am a long time reader of the sight (from 2001) and have never felt compelled to write until today.
I thought there was a certain something missing from Chud for the past few years and I couldn’t put my finger on it… And then it became apparent upon reading the Iron Man DVD review – Hollow man references in the DVD caps. It has been a while.

Anyway, keep up the good fight and know that we are supporting you even from here in Australia.

Nick Replies:

Thanks man! I always appreciate hearing from folks across town. I felt we wore our welcome out with the Hollow Man jokes, so I’ll try and drop them when it makes sense.

In the meantime, here’s a teaser of the kind of jokes to expect in my DVD review for The Incredible Hulk:

Travis Writes:

I know there’s an occasional CHUDsploitation piece, but we need more stuff like that on the front page. Like SEWER SUBTERRANEA and Dave Davis’ old DAVE’S UNDERGROUND column. While digging around, I discovered there was a FROM HERE TO OBSCURITY Creature-Corner column (appears to be MIA unfortunately). Also when are we getting the next CHUD list and could it possibly be a 2008 edition of Forgotten Monsters of Filmland (part 2)? Speaking of monsters, are there any plans to give the CC columns a more distinct look? I miss the deviant red.

Nick Replies:

trying my damndest to cook a list up. I have a few ideas but it’s hard to organize them. In the meantime, I’m trying to get the site itself back to a smooth interface and content pool. I like those old columns but getting people to be reliable is very VERY hard.

Seth Writes:

I thought you’d appreciate this, being a big Braves fan.  I went to a Las Vegas 51s (Dodgers’ AAA affiliate) game this past Thursday on dollar beer night.  Batting 4th for the 51s was none other than Andruw Jones.  There was a pretty decent amount of animosity for his fat ass. 

Nick Replies:

I couldn’t be happier with how shitty his career’s starting to look.

Garf Writes:

A drawing for you.

Nick Replies:

Amazing. And a listener of the Podcast to boot!